A mobile app for your business | Benefits and challenges.

A mobile app for your business | Benefits and challenges.

The introduction.

Why your company should consider developing your own mobile app (ios or android)?

Most company owners are aware that people are changing their online behaviour. Nowadays most online traffic isn’t generated from desktop users anymore but from mobile devices: mobile online usage is increasing every day. Now a lot of business owners wonder how to leverage this trend and how to jump on the mobile bandwagon. We thought it’s a fair question und put the topic into context. One possible scenario to increase the mobile footprint for businesses: an own mobile app. But an own branded mobile app comes, like everything in life, with benefits and drawbacks – an analysis.

The Pros.

Visibility to your customer

Your branded App is visible to your customers all the time. Research shows: the average user is tied 2-3h per day to his/her smartphone and this trend is definitely growing. With an own mobile app your company will always be present to your customer on the screen: consciously or unconsciously.

Customer Loyalty and Direct Channel

Since mobile apps can serve multiple purposes (e.g. provide price info, bookings, review, photo sharing and uploads, m-commerce), you as a business owner have a direct channel to your clients: you decide what to show, what promotions to market and what messages to send via push notifications. Make your customer feel special.

Customer Experience

No matter how optimized and responsive the mobile version of your website is, a dedicated mobile app will always outperform it, when it comes to functionality, performance and user experience. Besides, a mobile app can make use of other functions and hardware of the smartphone, such as GPS, camera, microphone, etc.

Brand Image and Recognition

Your brand recognition will increase more efficiently: as it is in all marketing strategies, a repeating showing of your name, logo and colours will make you customer remember your brand more easily.

Competitive advantage

Even in the era of digitalisation, the proportion of businesses with an own mobile application is still relatively small. Your Android or iOS App would provide you an additional competitive advantage. Stand out from the crowd.

The Cons.

Development Costs

The biggest disadvantage of developing your own mobile application is the initial development costs of each new mobile app project. Once you balance the costs with the benefits and value-add, you can tell whether it is eventually worth the investment with a positive ROI (return on investment).

Development Partner

Most smaller and medium-sized companies do not have an internal IT development department. Hence a partner is needed for the development of a mobile app. To find a trusted and transparent partner for the mobile endeavour is difficult and crucial for the success of the mobile app project: Not only for the initial development phase, but also for the future on-going support and maintenance of your mobile app.

Effort: Promoting Your Mobile App

Once it is developed, you need to ensure that your newly branded app is promoted and marketed with your client base and your dedicated target group. It is important to know that your app is now part of all your marketing activities. This means time and money is needed for all your marketing efforts, including your newsletter, paid advertising or offline marketing.

Effort: Retain and entertain your app users

You have to be aware that once your own business mobile app is operational, your clients (and now potential app users) will need an incentive to use your app. Providing regular updates, content activity, or in case of m-commerce shops dedicated vouchers and discounts can do the trick.

The Conclusion.

Digital potential faces possible challenges.

At the end of the day, the verdict on whether a mobile app is a viable option to extend a company’s digital footprint will differ for each business owner. Arguably, having an own app is not equally important for all business owners. Its digital impact and potential varies from industry to industry. Yet, within the age of digitalisation, thinking about his topic and weighing the pros and cons, is probably a good thing to do. BM

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